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About Us

BenchMark KC, LLC was founded in early 2009 to provide quality rental homes in good neighborhoods in the Kansas City metropolitan area. It is BenchMarks mission to provide the highest quality rental homes available in the Kansas City area. BenchMark KC, LLC owns 95% of their homes free and clear. Most of our homes do NOT have mortgages on them. This is just one major difference between BenchMark and many other landlords in the KC metro area. We have had many tenants come to us due to their landlord going into foreclosure on the home that the tenant was renting from them. A BenchMark tenant will never have to worry about moving out due to one of our homes going into foreclosure, because we own the majority of them free and clear.

BenchMark Properties

Each BenchMark home has undergone significant restoration. Most homes have been recently renovated including but not limited to/or some combination of paint, carpet, tile, roof, major mechanicals (furnace, air condenser, water heater), new or newer appliances, etc. The first time you walk into a BenchMark home the difference will be clear. BenchMark has a great combination of Quality and Value.

BenchMark has a dedicated leasing team that is ready to try to meet your family’s needs. Our professional and courteous leasing agents provide best-in-class service in helping you select the perfect home. Our management team works closely with our leasing agents in order to have the most up to date list of available properties on our website. Take a look at the Available Properties section of the website to find the few that meet your needs and budget and give a leasing agent a call today.

Call 816-737-8888 and press option #1 to speak with a leasing agent.